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We offer tailor-made recording services for all needs. Recording sessions can be done at our studio in Seinäjoki or with our mobile recording rig in a location of your choosing. Recording in another commercial studio is also an option.

Prices negotiated based on the project’s needs.


We mix all kinds of music. Mixing is ultimately about making the song shine and that is exactly what we do no matter the genre. Our mixes always take your artistic preferences into account. Listen to our portfolios to hear our previous works.

Prices starting from 250€/song.


We master all kinds of music for digital releases, streaming, CD’s, vinyls etc. We can deliver final masters as separate wave files and as an industry standard DDP image. Listen to our portfolios to hear our previous works.

Prices starting from 40€/song.

Audio editing

We offer comprehensive editing services like vocal tuning, instrument editing, slip editing drums and podcast post-production.

Prices starting from 25€/h.

Music production

We are available for producer duties for example for pop, rock, metal and hip hop projects. Package deals combining the roles of the producer and recording engineer can also be negotiated.

Prices starting from 250€/workday.


In the pre-production phase we’ll perfect your songs and prepare them for the studio. Pre-production can be done either in your practice space or remotely.

Prices starting from 200€/workday.


We are open for songwriting projects and co-writing. Pitch your ideas to us and we’ll talk more.

Production music/commisioned music

We can provide your video or media project the perfect background music or jingle based on your needs. We’ll supplement our own skills with session musicians and vocalists when needed. You can also browse our royalty free music portfolio if a quick and easy solution is exactly what you need.

Mixing/mastering studio lockout

You can rent our studio for mixing and mastering sessions. You’ll get to work in a superb listening environment with a huge selection of the best plugins in the field. For more info, go to our studio page.

Prices starting from 100€/day.

Mix crits

Want an outsider’s take on your mix before sending it off to mastering? We can lend our ears and provide you feedback on your mix (balance, eq, dynamics, effects, artistic choices etc.) so you can fine-tune it if necessary. This is also very useful for beginning mixing engineers to develop their craft.

Prices starting from 30€/song.

Mixing lessons (private or small group)

Mixing lessons can be held using your own setup or remotely. The lesson’s contents will be tailored for your needs and skill level.

Prices negotiated based on the needs of the student(s).

About VAT / taxes

In most cases, The Finnish VAT (value added tax) of 24% will be added on top of the prices mentioned here. If you are a non-Finnish company/organization within the European Union, reverse charge procedure may apply. In that case we won´t charge you for VAT, but you´ll need to follow you own country´s taxation laws and procedures.