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About us: 

How it all started

The history of Tonebakers goes back to 2010 when Mika mastered an EP for Karri’s band and we got to know each other. Sharing common interests in music and all things audio we quickly became close friends. Very soon we started doing recording and mixing projects together for various bands and learned a lot from each other. Our collaboration began with the name HallaFreakquency which you’ll probably stumble upon if checking out our previous works. Since then we have built our own mix room, worked on tons of music all over Finland using our mobile recording rig and also out of several third party studios. The name for our collaboration has changed but we’re still the same two close friends and still working on audio both together and separately.


When we were finishing building our mix room in Seinäjoki we noticed that the house’s original blueprints labeled the studio area as a bakery. Cooking up tasty tones and songs in a place originally planned to be a bakery? That’s a perfect match! Tonebakers also reflects how we relate to music and audio. To reach #yummysound level the song needs lots of love, warmth and suitable condiments. That’s the way we like to do our work.

Our core values

Client oriented approach
Each project, song and client are one-of-a-kind and thus have unique needs. We strive to recognize what’s the best approach for your music and work accordingly. We welcome you and your music to come as you are. Working with us, your music will have a unique sound that’s based on your wishes.

You can always expect us to be sincere with our opinions. We feel that building an open but comfortable working relationship is key. Building a good long-term relationship also feeds the future projects in a positive way. This is something we get praised a lot about and many of our clients have also become our friends.

We do all our work with a huge respect towards you and your art. We don’t have less or more important projects. Every project is the most important one and we do our very best to take it to the #yummysound level.